GCD continues to work on issues related to accessible parking spaces.



2015 NM Accessible Parking Checklist 

NM Accessible Parking Statutes


Who do I contact when I see a person illegally parked in the accessible parking space?

Contact the local parking enforcement or the business owner/manager.

Who do I contact when a business has no accessible parking?

Contact the business owner or manager and ask why there is no accessible parking and when spaces will be provided.  A copy of the NM 2015 Accessible Parking Checklist (link above) can provide valuable information to a business owner.

Does every parking lot require van accessible parking?

Yes.  The New Mexico Building Code Section 1106 requires each lot to provide at least one van accessible parking space.

Does every parking lot require accessible parking?

Yes.  The NM Disabled Parking Act (NMSA 1978, § 66-7-352.1 et al.) requires each lot to provide at least one accessible parking space.

Are van accessible spaces reserved for only vans?

No.  Van accessible parking spaces may be used by cars.  The signage identifies the availability of the van accessible space so that others may leave it available for vans.  However, a person with a disability and a placard and/or license plate may choose to park in the van accessible space and this would be allowed by state and federal accessibility requirements.

How much does the placard cost?

Parking placards are free.

Where do I get a parking placard?

Placards can be obtained at the local Motor Vehicle Division.  An MVD form must be completed by your physician verifying the need for a parking placard or accessible license plate.