Quality of Life Grant Program

Quality of Life Grant

The Governor’s Commission on Disability has established a Quality of Life Small Grants Program for New Mexican non-profit organizations to provide enhanced programs or services that will improve the quality of life of New Mexicans with disabilities.


The deadline to apply is May 28, 2021.

For more information

Crystal Benavidez – Program Coordinator

Governor’s Commission on Disability

491 Old Santa Fe Trail,

Santa Fe, New Mexico 87501

Toll-free: 877-696-1470

Phone: 505-690-7216

Email: crystal.benavidez@state.nm.us

Quality of Life Grant Awardees for Fiscal Year 2021:
    Village in the Village
    Presbyterian Ear Institute
    The Ability Center
    Carrie Tingley Hospital Foundation
    Good Samaritan Society

Quality of Life Grant Packets for Fiscal Year 2022
Information Packet
Application Packet

Frequently Asked Questions

Some programs interested in applying are not a separate non-profit organization but part of a larger organization that has non-profit status. Are they eligible to apply?

Yes.  Programs that are subsidiary programs of a larger non-profit organization may apply.  The application should specify that the program is part of a larger organization that holds non-profit status.  The non-profit certificate of the parent organization should be included in the application.  The grant will formally be given to the parent organization on behalf of the subsidiary program, and the parent organization will be responsible for ensuring that required reports are submitted and funds are expended as outlined in the approved budget.

What is meant by the phrase "Grants are not awarded for routine operating costs..."?

This requirement is to ensure that grant funds are not used to replace existing program funds in the organization during the grant period.  Grant funds must be used to accomplish something (an enhancement or expansion of programs and services) that existing program funds cannot cover.

Many organizations serving people with disabilities in Native American communities are part of a sovereign tribal government and thus do not apply for 501-C-3. Are they still eligible to apply?

Tribal organizations that are part of a sovereign Native American government are eligible to apply.  In the place of the required non-profit status certification in the application, these organizations should submit a letter from the president of the applicable Native American government certifying that the organization is part of the tribal government.